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What To Do About Trauma and Loss?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

How to navigate grief, loss and how to be your authentic self.

Leaders often don't know what to do about grief and trauma... they are often overwhelmed and stressed because they believe they can't grieve while having the spotlight on them. In this episode I sit down with Psychotherapist Clinical Social Worker Zashi Rodriguez as she lays out the plan to navigate grief, loss and how to be your authentic self. I want to share these practical principles from her own experiences on how to not just survive but thrive.

Let me just tell you that this is a real, open and raw conversation where Zashi shares her story and painful loss of her dear son, my friend Anthony.

Whether you are the one grieving or know someone who is, this episode will equip you to navigate through grief. You will learn:

  • You must accept where you are to be able to move from where you are.

  • What to do when someone you love is grieving... Must listen to this one!

  • How to take Grief breaks.

  • and so much more!

We break all these down in this episode CLICK HERE to LISTEN or Search for The Jose Vargas Show wherever you listen to podcast. Listen while on your commute this morning, or while you work out!

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Jose Vargas Speaker & Author of The Lead Through Method


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