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Conferences & Workshops

International Seminar
Healing from Sexual Abuse

July 2023


Facilitators Training
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A Survivor's Guide for Spiritual First Aid

Facilitators Training

May 2023

Helping people

to recognize

common spiritual

and emotional reactions

to disasters.

Strengthening the Roots of your Relationship
February 11th, 2023

Roots in vase
Marriage Seminar in Robbinsville Feb 2023
Marriage Seminar in Robbinsville Feb 2023
Marriage Seminar in Robbinsville Feb 2023
Couples Conference Flyer
Marriage Seminar in Robbinsville Feb 2023

Love Live!

October 2022

Love Live Facilitators
Love Live Men's Group
Love Live Ladies Group
Love Live

Conference Facilitators

Love Live
Love Live
Love Live
Love Live


What did you like best about today's conference?

  • The hands on exercises, the break out and group discussions

  • The opportunity to open ourselves and listen to each other

  • We learned new aspects of each other  and how to communicate and use our skills

  • I loved the practiced tools to help resolve issues

  • I enjoyed the different tools provided to help improved our marriage

  • Loved that we were able to provide input and discuss with other couple,s and by ourselves

  • I just loved all of it!! No favorite part.

Love Live Speaker
Love Live Speaker

The 8 T's was a winner! Listen to what people are saying about this part of the conference.

  • I really enjoyed the 8T's

  • Loved the 8 T's

  • Favorite part was the 8T's

Marriage Workshop 

Marriage Workshop 02 2022
Marriage Workshop Group 02 2022
Marriage Workshop
Marriage Workshop Facilitators 02 2022
Marriage Workshop Event 02 2022
Marriage Workshop Setting 02 2022

Emotional Intelligence Workshop & Testimonials

Self~Esteem Empowerment Workshops

Zashi Thank You Emotional Intelligence
Convo with Z
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